KALA Testnet hit 50,000 users! A little preview of what’s coming next

KALA Network
2 min readApr 28, 2022

After 2 weeks, KALA Social now has over 50,000 users participating in our testnet. This is a great achievement and we would like to thank everyone for your amazing support!

The testnet will be live until April 30th so there is still time left for you to join and earn rewards. Remember to stay active daily for a better chance of receiving retroactive NFTs. You can check out the details here:

To celebrate, we want to show you a sneak peek of what’s coming to KALA Network mainnet launch. Our mainnet will release several earning mechanisms to earn rewards. These include:

  • $KUDO mining (this will be available on the 2nd KALA Alpha Test)
  • Socialize and Earn
  • NFTs
  • Featured Groups

Here’s a work-in-progress screenshot

Upcoming features in the near future:

  • SocialDrop
  • Voting
  • Staking

Stay tuned for more news to learn all about these upcoming features. Cheers!

About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn $KUDO tokens by socializing with their friends and community. Users can buy NFT PENCIL / PEN to increase earnings, level up & mint new NFT PEN.

With built-in #GameFi elements, users can have their own strategies to use which NFT PEN / PENCIL

Both are highly backed by an engaged community on KALA SocialFi Network, led by the KOLs/Fund Managers/Guild Leaders, where users can contribute2earn & engage2earn.

Join Alpha test: https://social.kala.network/

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