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3 min readApr 15, 2022


We are excited to announce our testnet for KALA Network. Join our testnet and help us refine our SocialFi platform and win awesome rewards. Your feedback will be invaluable to the development of KALA Network ahead of its mainnet launch.

KALA Network will launch its testnet for our social network platform on April 14, 2022. Check out the info below to know how to join as well as the details of our testnet event.

How to join

1. Go to https://social.kala.network on your browser or use a referral link you receive from your friend

2. Connect your wallet

3. Insert your Username and Email. If you use a referral link, the username of the person who invited you will be automatically filled.

4. You are good to go! You can let us know your thought and feedback on our Telegram Community Group here: https://t.me/kala_network_community

Testnet Event

Perform these social tasks for a chance to earn rewards.

What you need to do:

  1. Like and retweet this tweet.
  2. Go to KALA Social and post content on your timeline.

3. Comment/Like/Share a post on KALA Social.

4. Invite at least one friend. Tell your friend to enter your username on sign up or send them your referral link.

You can get your referral link from your profile

5. And lastly, please fill out this feedback form: https://forms.gle/EuTKGRV7Zayi5NX78


- Retroactive 500 NFTs (worth $37.500) to the most active users.

- Earn 0,5 $KUDO for you and each friend you invited. (Your invited friend(s) will also receive 0,5 $KUDO)


  • Daily active users get more chances to receive NFTs
  • The KUDO tokens are not automatically migrated to mainnet with a 1:1 ratio for all users.
  • When the Testnet campaign is over, we will review very seriously the contribution, behavior, and content quality of the participants and how they engage with the referred users.
  • We will check for phishing, bot, flooding, frauds…if everything goes fine, we will validate the reward tokens and make distribution accordingly.
  • We also have the max cap of token allocation for this testnet campaign, the cap and ratio will depend on the amount that has been earned validly after reviewing.

Deadline: ̶2̶0̶2̶2̶/̶0̶4̶/̶3̶0̶ 2022/05/15

The event deadline has been extended to May 15th. Please read this post for more information.

It will take us 5–10 working days depending on how much we need to review. Token distribution will take time, please be patient.

That’s all! We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. Stay tuned for more future events from KALA Network.

About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn $KUDO tokens by socializing with their friends and community. Use $KUDO / $KLNW to buy NFT PENCIL / PEN to increase earnings, level up & mint new NFT PEN.

With built-in GameFi elements, users can have their own strategies to use which NFT PEN / PENCIL

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