Announcing KALA Network cooperation with DePocket

KALA Network
2 min readAug 19, 2022

KALA Network is glad to announce that DePocket has officially joined KALA Social. Depocket is a DeFi platform that lets you manage your crypto assets easily and optimally across all DeFi platforms.

We are more than impressed with the solution that DePocket is developing for the users and the DeFi market. Their platform provides convenient features such as asset monitoring, NFTs managing, market notifications, multi-platform support, and much more.

The goal of our collaboration is to create a bridge of support and allow cross-marketing to introduce more users to both platforms. These opportunities will surely benefit the community as well as the growth of our projects. Once again, we warmly welcome DePocket onboard.

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About DePocket

DePocket is a one-stop shop for all your cryptocurrency, GameFi and NFT assets. With its user-friendly platform, you can invest, swap and save any asset in a single place. DePocket also provides highly comprehensive portfolio management tools such as price graphs, charts and news updates. The company is committed to bringing DeFi one step closer to the people by making its platform more user-friendly and intuitive.

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About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn by socializing with their friends, creating content & building community as Investment DAO run by their own minted NFTS.

We position KALA as one of the leading SocialFi Web3 heading for sustainable business and distributing fair earnings to the users via their contribution to the Social Platform.

We have our own PENCIL/PEN NFTs Collectibles with a limited supply for our OG supporters to appreciate and reward them.

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