Announcing KALA Network collaboration with Dragon War

KALA Network
2 min readOct 20, 2022

KALA Network is glad to announce our next collaboration with Dragon War, the NFT fantasy turn-based strategy game run on Solana blockchain.

The goal of our collaboration is to increase community engagement and drive more users through cross-marketing, cross AMAs and promotions. We welcome Dragon War onboard with us and hope that our cooperation will strengthen both projects and GameFi, SocialFi as a whole.

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About Dragon War

Dragon War is the best in class Turn-based Strategy & Play to Earn Game on Solana Blockchain which combines together the best gameplays and features from Heroes of Might and Magic and Axie Infinity. Plus:

  • Stunning 2D Graphics and animations
  • Balance in earning mechanisms
  • Inspiring stories.

To make sure people playing the game can earn values while enjoying and having a great gaming experience with it.

In this game, you can Buy Heroes, Summon Dragons, build your Kingdom to form an army to battle with NPCs in PVE Modes, with other players in PVP Modes or fight for glorious victory at a large scale in Massive Online Battlefield or Guild Wars.

While enjoying the great gaming experience with the game, you can also earn token rewards from various activities ingame. And with the Marketplace, users can trade their NFTs with other users to get token benefits.

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About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn by socializing with their friends, creating content & building community as Investment DAO run by their own minted NFTs.

We position KALA as one of the leading SocialFi Web3 heading for sustainable business and distributing fair earnings to the users via their contribution to the Social Platform.

We have our own PENCIL/PEN NFTs Collectibles with a limited supply for our OG supporters to appreciate and reward them.

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