Announcing KALA Network collaboration with BattleFi

KALA Network
2 min readOct 7, 2022

KALA Network is thrilled to announce our upcoming collaboration with BattleFi, the world’s first Donate-To-Earn E-sport platform. We welcome BattleFi onboard.

Together with BattleFi, KALA Network will engage in cross-marketing and promotion to grow and expand our community and drive even more users to both platforms. BattleFi will be our key collaborator in reaching out to the gaming and e-sport community.

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About BattleFi

BattleFi is a blockchain-based eSports platform for players and fans with a very unique Donate-To-Earn mechanism and a balanced and sustainable token economy. BattleFi features:

  • First in the world Donate-To-Earn eSports platform: Where eSports fans can win and earn together with their favorite players
  • Battle-To-Mine mechanism — mining not minting: Fixed supply reward token fund supporting an inflation-free and sustainable economy
  • Free-To-Play & Free-To-Earn for eSports players: No entry barriers for eSports players at all
  • SocialFi & Social Token mechanism for Gaming Guilds & Gaming Houses
  • Sustainable Decentralized Autonomous Token Economy

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About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn by socializing with their friends, creating content & building community as Investment DAO run by their own minted NFTs.

We position KALA as one of the leading SocialFi Web3 heading for sustainable business and distributing fair earnings to the users via their contribution to the Social Platform.

We have our own PENCIL/PEN NFTs Collectibles with a limited supply for our OG supporters to appreciate and reward them.

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